Hear from Nicolò Carpignoli on why Augmented and Virtual Reality are becoming mature technologies in fields like Education, Mentoring, Healthcare and Entertainment.

Web XR means to deliver those experiences on the Web, using any browser, without even requiring to use specific devices, like headsets.

In this talk Nicolò shows technologies and platforms available, in 2020, to build Web XR experiences for free. Nicolò showcases pros and cons, devices, support and future plans. This talk is for a technical and also non-technical audience.

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Nicolò Carpignoli

Nicolò Carpignoli is a Web XR Developer, working in Chialab, maintainer of AR.js, the most used library for Web AR in Open Source.

Very active on Open Source development, he collaborated to bring Image Tracking and Location Based AR for the first time on the Web.

He’s currently working on a new platform to build Web AR without coding knowledge and he’s part of working groups for Accessibility in XR.