The success of products and services rests on how well they meet the needs of their users. In this workshop, Leah Thompson and Dean Hanley from Hippo Digital show how user research gives vital insight into user needs and informs the development of user-centred services.

Drawing on a real-world problem, they also show how research informs iterative design that allows you to fail fast, learn quickly and get the best value service for your budget.

The workshop:

  • provides hands-on opportunities to help you put user-centred design methodology into practice
  • gives practical advice on inexpensive ways to incorporate research and design into your work
  • gives access to thought leaders in this area
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Leah Thompson

Leah Thompson is a User Researcher at Hippo Digital - a digital service design consultancy based across the Midlands and Leeds.

She is vastly experienced in research across government projects and accessibility research.

Dean Hanley

Dean Hanley is a principal consultant at Hippo Digital.

With a background in user centred design and content, he creates services that give users what they need, when they need it, in a format that’s right for them. Dean has worked with a wide range of government departments and private sector clients.

​Hippo Digital