Machu Picchu room: 10.15am - 10.45am

In this session, David Blandy will introduce a number of his video art works that have taken on his relationship with digital culture.

From examining his relationship with his artist father while they walk through a series of retro videogame backgrounds, to examining the end of virtual worlds by creating a planetarium in the Unity platform, and making work about the post-colonial condition inside Grand Theft Auto 5, digital culture influences every aspect of his work.

As a gamer who spent several years working in a videogame shop, Blandy experiences and examines digital culture from the inside, understanding its possibilities and its drawbacks.

David Blandy

David Blandy is an artist who uses digital media to think about our relationship to culture, and how the media we consume and the materiality of technology forms our imaginative spaces.

Blandy has established his terrain through a series of investigations into the cultural forces that inform and influence us, ranging from his love of roleplay games, hip hop and soul music, to computer games and manga, discovering new forms of community and kinship.

His works slip between performance and video, reality and construct, using references sampled from the wide, disparate sources that provide his (and our own) sense of self.