An insight from Paul Chisholm into the methods used to bring a product to life.

Paul uses examples and demos to show how existing 3D CAD data can be turned into images and animations which look like filmed footage of a real product.


Paul Chisholm

Paul Chisholm is an engineer and 3D modelling veteran, among the pioneers of using computers and 3D models for engineering design and virtual prototyping. Since 1990, originally using DOS and AutoCAD R10 to design and build virtual prototype food and pharmaceutical production equipment, culminating with several multi-million GB£ capital projects in the UK and abroad.

Started using 3D Studio (now 3ds Max) in the mid 90s to render 3D AutoCAD models of virtual factories and jumped from engineering over to CGI in 2002 when Engineering Animation was formed. Animators are usually artists so a technical background is an unusual asset.

Now his principal tools are 3DS Max, After Effects and Photoshop to produce realistic images and animations usually for architecture or technical products, their features and benefits, how they work and how to install or service them.

Paul recently started using augmented reality and virtual reality with an emphasis on engineering applications.

Engineering Animation