Digital is enabling amazing innovation across sectors - but the dehumanisation of relationships and processes is also creating up a wealth of issues.

Steve Walsh and Dave Hill explore how we’ve created a dehumanised ecosystem, and how we can reconnect to continue to harness the potential of digital.

This talk is aimed at anyone who deals with people - internal or external, and wants to build stronger buy-in and relationships.

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Steve Walsh

Steve Walsh is Managing Director of Jump - a full-service marketing agency based in Northampton. He is vastly experienced in leading engagement projects across digital platforms and has worked on audience strategy for Coca Cola, EFL and various others.

Dave Hill​

Dave Hill is Head of Engagement at Jump and a former director of the Institute for Organisational Development. He holds qualifications in leadership, OD and a Masters in Psychology and has most recently been working with Policing organisations to help them to engage more effectively with specific groups.

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