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This session, delivered by Ricky Conaghan, is aimed at SMEs. From working with big corporate business, Ricky has learnt that the same branding strategies can’t simply be passed onto SMEs. As an agency, HATCH have had to start from scratch to understand small businesses and how to work with them.

Ricky will touch on the current Covid-19 situation, talk through various case studies and the learning from them and give examples of good and bad practice.

The session will also cover:

  • identifying the target audience (creating personas)
  • how to talk with them (key messaging, tone of voice, value propositions, brand story)
  • building a visual identity and keep the brand consistent

Ricky Conaghan

Ricky Conaghan is the founder and Creative Director of HATCH & YUMYUM Creative Solutions. Ricky has worked in the design industry for over two decades, launching products and campaigns with global brands like Johnson & Johnson, Smith & Nephew and Omron.

Ricky is passionate about design and leveraging his knowledge and experience to help small businesses achieve success in design and digital marketing. Ricky is a father and a husband. He loves old school hip-hop and whiteboards.