This talk by Judi Alston and Andy Campbell offers an insight into the digital installation and video game work of One to One Development Trust, an arts organisation working in the Nene Valley and beyond.

Since 2014 One to One has won and been shortlisted for over 20 international awards through its in-house studio Dreaming Methods. The organisation, now in its 30th year, has adapted and led the way in using technology as an engagement tool within communities.

From a virtual cross-section of the River Nene for 900 Voices to the creation of a mobile library van orbiting the Moon in Zero Gravity Lunar Library, the talk explores how One to One embraces community engagement as a core part of its creative practice; and how the organisation tackles the artistic and technical challenges of using gaming technology to tell compelling stories in striking and unexpected ways.



Judi Alston

Judi Alston is the Creative Director and CEO of One to One Development Trust. Judi has a track record spanning 30 years as a documentary film maker, producer, camera person and editor.

Her film credits/awards extend across a wide range of commissions including television, artists film, charity and public-sector.

Through narrative games and digital storytelling Judi has developed her interests and talents as a writer and digital artist drawing on her experiences of working internationally and with often marginalised communities.

Judi is passionate about people and places particularly with emphasis on cultural heritage and storytelling.

Andy Campbell

Andy Campbell is the Digital Director of One to One Development Trust. He specialises in the design and construction of websites, digital archives, apps, video games and VR experiences.

His work over the last 20 years as a digital artist combines literature, games and immersive technologies and has won multiple awards including the Tumblr International Prize for Digital Art, The Space Open Call Competition, 2nd place in the Robert Coover Award for Electronic Literature and a Visionary Design Award for Accessibility.

He is founder and lead writer/developer for Dreaming Methods, One to One’s in-house digital storytelling studio, and the lead developer of Inanimate Alice, an episodic work of digital fiction for young adults used in education worldwide.

One to One Development Trust